Many leading enterprises are moving from product sales to service sales, as part of their strategy to promote services that will ensure recurring revenues and obtain better customer stickiness; to enable this evolution, they must assure their devices are always connected, secure and compliant with local regulations in each country. floLIVE’s platform was primarily built to address the needs of modern enterprises by providing Global, Secure, Regulatory-compliant connectivity that offers “zero-touch” operation with unified management and control, regardless the device’s country or network operator. Our platform comprises distributed core networks that provide local connectivity while being centrally managed and controlled over the cloud; this unique approach enables enterprises to benefit from the below benefits:

Always ON, Anywhere

•       Extended global coverage •       Define operator switching logic in each country •       Highly competitive data rates •       Compliant with roaming and privacy regulations

Globally Consistent SIM Management

•       Full control over your devices’ connectivity •       Advanced troubleshooting capabilities •       Real-time, detailed network status and device activity •       Integrate once – cover the world

Advanced IoT Billing

•       Single, unified invoice •       Beyond connectivity – bill everything •       Pooled plans •       Bring Your Own connectivity agreements and rates •       Support local tax rules

Advanced Networking Options

•       Private network •       Network slicing •       Edge network functions for enhanced performance

Designed for IoT Scales

•       Manufacture an unlimited number of devices •       Pay-as-you-grow •       Pay only for ACTIVE devices

Security Seal

•       Highly secure local core networks •       Protect your devices from cyber attacks