Most of us have tons of beautiful memories living on our phone that don’t show up in our everyday life. We believe that’s a shame, because don’t we all love the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from remembering the good stuff we’ve experienced? So, we invested tons of time and money into re-thinking how people can easily turn the photos they have on their phones into a beautiful and inspiring interior design.
The result is Mixtiles, our mounted pictures that stick to your walls without the use of nails. They come in different styles: with a white frame, black frame or in a frameless style. We send you your pictures mounted and ready to go on your wall. We’ve focused a lot on simplicity. Our app is simple. It’s simple to hang Mixtiles on your walls. So simple, in fact, even kids love doing it (and you don’t have to worry about sharp shards of glass). Mixtiles is the simplest way to turn a room’s vibe into something you love. And to make the decision to get Mixtiles a simple one, they are also affordable.