Our philosophy remains the same since we started operating 17 years ago and is centered around the belief that venture is not a scalable business.

We are four equal partners; we have worked together for many years and our operation is lean. Our small size ensures a very high level of trust in the partnership. This translates into transparent and quick processes which are critical for entrepreneurs.

Despite our focused approach, we invest globally (US, Europe, Israel) and operate across many segments. We can do this because we rely mainly on word of mouth and referrals from our own entrepreneurs and executives.

In our 17 years of operation we’ve invested in 89 companies, exited 31 of them and have been fortunate to be involved with 14 unicorns.

We have also made tons of mistakes along the years, missed a lot of amazing companies, sometimes invested in the wrong ones, and many times we were just plain lucky, probably more than we acknowledge…

And still, lucky, or not, we’ve always believed that innovation and technology, if led by unique individuals, can make this world a better place.

We are looking for these individuals and want to work with them.

Laurel, Gil, Yoram and Arnon.