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Joe Tucci

Special Advisor


Joe Tucci is the Co-CEO and Co-Chairman of GTY Technology Holdings, and the Chairman of Bridge Growth Partners.

Mr. Tucci was Chairman and CEO of EMC Corporation until September 2016, when Dell Technologies acquired the company. At that time, he became an advisor to the acquiring company’s founder, Michael Dell, and its board of directors. Tucci led EMC’s business model transformation and through a record of successful acquisitions and partnerships he created a federation of businesses that grew to include EMC, VMware, Pivotal, RSA, VCE and Virtustream. Following the technology sector’s bust in 2001, EMC’s revenues grew from $5.4B in 2002 to $24.7B in 2015. Acknowledging EMC’s success under Mr. Tucci’s leadership, Barron’s named him one of the 30 best CEOs in 2011 and 2012.